Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lining your baby shoes


There are a variety of ways to line your baby shoes.  I like this seamless method. 

When I reach this point, I like to turn the shoes right side out to double check them for any seams that might be showing and compare each shoe to the other to make sure they're the same length, width, height, etc.

When you are satisfied that your shoes are a matching pair, in length, width, etc., then turn them inside out again to sew the sole lining in place.
This way of making the sole lining can be a little tricky, but I like it because it's a little neater looking.  
When the shoe is turned inside out, flatten it as much as possible and tuck your ties inside the toe.  Put your lining right on top of the flattened shoe and pin in place.  Here's how it should look:

Notice that I haven't pinned the toe section of the shoe.  This is where I will leave it open to turn it right side out.

At this point, I like to turn the shoe over, pin side down, so I can sew as close as possible to the outside seams for a seamless lining.  You can work around the pins with a little practice.  If you're not comfortable sewing with the pin side down, it's okay!  Just sew as close as possible to the seam you see with the shoe upside down. 

I also like to start at the toe and work my way around the shoe - that way I don't forget to leave the toe open!  
Almost finished now!  Carefully, turn your shoe right side out through the opening in the toe - it's kinda like turning a sock inside out!  It should look like this:

Then, pin the opening at the toe closed and sew across.   Trim, and zig-zag and trim again! 
 And voila, you've got a nicely lined seamless sole!

I hope you found this enjoyable, helpful, and easy to understand. 
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